2013 Appleton Public Library Strategic Plan

Our new community-based strategic plan is complete. The plan, known as APL150, reaches to our 150th anniversary in 2047. Our intention was to create a plan whose mission, vision and services would be flexible and responsive to community needs long into the future.

The final document is the culmination of a nearly two year process, which incorporates what we heard from the community during the 20 Community Conversation sessions and focus groups, and a community analysis of the Library’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

During the process, a 10-member Community Advisory Committee was formed to analyze the data from the community, as well as information from staff experts and experts in the fields of visioning, planning and design.

With the help of the Community Advisory Committee, the plan focuses on seven strategies:

• Hub of Learning and Literacy
• Collaborative Environment
• The Future: Children and Teens
• Creation and Innovation
• Engaged and Sustainable Organization
• Diversion and Leisure
• Specialized Services and Programs

The seven strategies developed through our community-centered process with our Community Advisory Committee serve as the building blocks of the services we will offer for years to come.

The release of the strategic plan, which focuses on services, is the first phase in determining the future of the Library. The next phases will focus on the type of facility that is needed to accomplish these services. Our plan is to take all of our research and investigation into consideration in judging how our facility can be adjusted to meet the changing demands.

The entire strategic planning document can be viewed online at: http://issuu.com/appleton_public_library/docs/finalplanwostats_web